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Paper wasps have a body shape similar to yellow jackets, but are slightly slimmer with a narrow “waist.” They have six long legs and an almost triangular side view, as well as two wings and antennae. They are predominantly brown with a golden tint. Each of the known paper wasp species has a similar brown and yellow coloring, but they also possess distinct bands of color and patterns that distinguish them. Certain kinds of paper wasps may even exhibit indications of bolder colors such as red or even brighter colored lines.




Because paper wasps frequently construct nests in private yards, one of the primary indicators of an infestation is the actual observation of the nest and adjacent wasps moving around it.

The most effective strategy to avoid a paper wasp infestation and being stung is to make your home less appealing to the stinging insect. Before you trim shrubs or hedges or pick fruit, inspect the plant for paper wasp nests to avoid coming into contact with these stinging insects. Seal cracks and gaps in the home using silicone-based caulk, patch any tears in screens, and keep doors closed to keep paper wasps out.

We also offer the best termite control packages.Covering food, particularly when outdoors, will also assist keep these insects at a distance when they are on the lookout for nutrients. When individuals spend time outside, they should avoid using strong fragrances and instead go for unscented sanitary products. They should also wear shoes that completely cover and protect their feet from renegade paper wasps. Attempting to remove a paper wasp nest might be harmful. It is recommended that you contact a pest control professional to assist with the treatment of paper wasp infestations.Your neighborhood Active BC pest control remove wasp nest, wasp exterminator professional is qualified to assist you in managing paper wasps and other similar pests. Because each structure or home is unique, our professional will customize a wasps control for your specific scenario.