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A Pesticide is any substance used to control/kill Animals or Plants that cause unwanted effects on livelihood or may Damage to crop and Plant or Hazardous to the health of Domestic Animals or Humans.

Active pest control Surrey British Columbia.
The most problematic nastiest thing to deal with pest, which makes our healthy, Happy Life difficult. It is imperative that you pay full attention to maintain Tip-Top, Hygienic conditions throughout your home to your Garden.

What is pest?

Pest is Animals, Plant or Fungi that destroy Crops, Foods, Livestock and Cause Diseases.

Types of pest.

  1. Rodents,
  2. Arthropods,
  3. Weeds,
  4. Fungi parasitic on plant.

Rodents and Arthropods:

Rodents and Arthropods are most destructive animal pests. The plant pests include Weed and the Fungi pathogenic to cultivated plants.


Rodents are mammals like Rat, Mouse, Rabbit and Monkey. Rodents are responsible for transmitting Diseases from which they are suffering by they have sharp gnawing incisor teeth.


Arthropods are Insects, Spiders, Ticks, Mites, and Lice. They cause discomfort by biting, chewing, piercing, and sucking. The insect possess a piercing sucking aphid, like Jose scale, Chinch bugs, Squash bugs, Cabbage bugs, and Leafhoppers.

Cockroaches, Termites, Silverfish, Cloth moth, carpet beetles, flies, bedbugs, and flea’s mosquitoes are household insects. They spread infectious diseases piercing and sucking.


Any unwanted plant is known as weed. Any unwanted plant caused interfere in the growth of cultivated plants by consuming water and mineral from soil. If weeds are allowed to grow, they will destroy the garden and more delicate, and also acquire possession of the garden. Some weeds considered toxic in nature, like corn cockle, ago stemma githgo. They cause death if they are present in excessive quantity, because they contain cyanophore type of glycoside.

Fungi  Parasitic on Plant:

A number of Plant Diseases caused by Fungi, when Fungi growing on Plants they spread Wheat Rust, White Pine Blister Rust Holly Hock Rust etc. We have a number of Pesticides and Fungicides and Chemical Agents to Control Fungal Diseases with complete precautionary mechanisms.


It is located in the South East,35 minutes drive from Vancouver, British Columbia. Surrey is the Second largest City in British Columbia by Population. It is very close to Vancouver and only 23 km, away from Vancouver center .

Active Pest Control, our services go beyond inspection and extermination or removal. We will maintain your property with specialized monitoring programs to meet your needs. Active Pest Control will conduct periodic visits to ensure that all pest control efforts have been effective and that your property remains free of any unwanted visitors.  We won’t leave your property without doing our best to prevent any further pests from infiltrating the area, making sure that preventative controls are installed so you can carry on without thinking about pests any longer.

Pest control is a stressful experience that comes with the added hassle of preparing for treatments and cleaning up any damages caused by the pest. Active Pest Control can ease this worry with additional services such as treatment preparation, odour control, extreme cleaning services, and attic clear outs. We can ensure that your most pressing issues don’t weigh too heavy on your mind.

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