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Active Pest Control for COVID-19 Disinfection

What is COVID-19

COVID 19 is a term used due to widespread of Corona Virus. This belongs to a family of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. This is called novel COVID-19 because it was never found exactly same during the pat years. It is identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. However, under fine analysis and observation, its behavior was found to be highly transferable and fatal.

COVID 19 Life Cycle

COVID-19, originally identified in China, Wuhan. Within a couple of days, it caused a devastating effect and within days hundreds of people got infected. Covering fourteen days completion cycle, it initiated its grip from mouth and nose and moved to throat. Where travelling deep through windpipe it finally reached to its destination ie lungs. This is the final destination of COVID-19. Where not only it dies, but also the person who is hosting it for days. After getting the deep residence n lungs, it gets hold of the cells and rapidly increases its numbers. This is the place where its life ends, not alone, but also the body whom it resides in.

Why COVID 19 is Devastating

Novel COVID-19 has thrown devastating effects on human lives. The widespread is random, spontaneous. It is observed that within a couple of seconds it can be transmitted from one individual to the others. Whoever is in contact with the infected person, the COVID-19 is transmitted to him. After transmission the person is found in any of the two phases. One is infected person who will have same symptoms as that of the transmitter. The other category is the potential carrier. It is not necessary that the potential carrier may indicate any of the symptom, but that person is a source of COVID-19 viral transmission.

When Covid-19 virus dies

Viral diseases are spread by this tiny small, unable to see from naked eye, minute particles called virus. The virus has a distinct quality that it completes its life cycle and after that dies itself. In case of COVID-19, the total life span is a few hours to almost 14 days, depending upon the favorable conditions where it resides. If it finds the favorable conditions, there are high chances of infection.

It is luckily a fact that COVID-19 is unable to transmit via blood directly. Usually it can be only transmitted by air, breath of an individual. In sunlight, its efficiency reduces. For 15 to 20 minutes in sunlight, there are stronger chances that COVID-19 can loose its effectiveness. Another aspect of sunlight is that since the sun rays is exothermic nature, it can cause the external coating of the virus to be melted. The more it is exposed to sunlight, the more there are chances to get it near to death. Sunlight also contains the combination of ultraviolet rays. These are high energy wavelength rays that cause destruction of the virus naturally. The dehydration effect is very helpful for this virus destruction.

COVID-19 Disinfection via Active Pest Control

Numerous cleaning methods are used around the world to sanitize homes, offices and other buildings which are in human interaction. One of the best methods is the pest control. Companies like Active Pest Control is serving the people to eradicate insects, bugs, termites, rodents, rats, etc to protect the families and their living places. Obviously, these insects themselves and their toxic leftovers can cause severe health hazards. People often try to eliminate them by their traditional methods. Often their results found to be temporary removal or controlling these pests, or often didn’t lead to desired results.

Just like other infectious control mechanism, the COVID-19 disinfection can be efficiently carried out by Active pest Control. The professional staff is well trained and fully equipped with the suitable devices and apparatus to get complete control over the issue. This can help the people around Surrey to get complete control over COVID-19 widespread.

Active Pest Control COVID-19 Disinfection Strategy

Active Pest Control is one of the leading companies that believes in customer’s satisfaction. The policy is based upon fast response on the phone call and suitable appointment for the disinfection procedure. The professional and friendly staff is at your doorsteps as soon as you reserve the time slot on particular day. Serving for years to the nation, the Active pest Control serves with reasonable price. There is a follow up visit planned after completing the session. Keeping all safety measures, the disinfection and pest controlling is done throughout the infected area.

COVID-19 disinfection is sensitive activity. Sanitation process involves patience, dedication and courage to apply disinfection to every corner of the living place. Since the viral widespread is favorable in damp environment and Vancouver’s weather provide ideal conditions to keep COVID-19 grow faster, so, sanitation required efforts. This virus is not visible, this is the reason it requires more safe and chemical spray to stop its mutation, which means the multiplication of virus from one cell to become multicellular organism, and still not visible from eyes.

Don't Go Out; Just Call Active Pest Control

Once disinfection is finished, there are more chances to be safe. But this virus can reach to your home again very easily from outdoor environment in the form of any friend, shopping, grocery, morning walk or just by a casual social interaction. So more and more care is required. There, the follow up is more useful activity to go through the process again and again, till COVID-19 is found to be under control, around the region. This is the reason Active pest Control is 24/7 available.

Enjoy the life with health. Call Active Pest Control. Stay home, stay safe. This is the time when you should close your door for everyone else but Open them for Active pest Control. Call us 7 days a week, 365 days a year @+17786957777, or write to us You will be happy at your decision. Save your lives and others by referring us to whom you care for. Apply safety measures, wash your hands, keep social distending, eat healthy food, improve your personal hygiene and contact Active pest Control.