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One Call to get rid of Rodents, Bugs, Ants, Wasps, Termite, Fleas ..
Active Pest Control (Pvt ltd) is serving for years with best rates in town. Serving for years, we gained the faith and trust of oue customers. We value our clients with Follow-up visits. aiming customer satisfaction. We deal in Novel COVID - 19 Disinfection to protect your family and office. It is environment friendly and safe.

Our service is safe and environment friendly. We are serving with professional excellence in Bedbug Control, Ant Control, Rat Control, Mice Control , Carpenter Ant Control, Fleas Control, Hornet Control, Termite Control, Rodent Control, Insect Exterminator, Spider Control, Cockroach Control.
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Our Customers are Worthy for Us; Right on First Call

Active Pest Control always serve where we are needed. That is why we are available on very first call from our customers. Just make a call and inform about the pest problem you are worried with. Our skilled professionals will try to help you as much as possible. Our pest control solutions are environment friendly. We care for your family and your health first. We always ensure safety measurements for pest control activities. No harmful chemicals or methoods are used to harm your dear ones and your valuable property. Even there are distinct noticeable corrective measurements for your surroundings. Your pest problem solved, it means Active Pest Control has achieved its target.

Choose Active Pest Control.   We Go Anywhere, Anytime 

  ⁂ When You are Planning to Buy Valuable Property: Valuable property needs huge investment. Building, house, office, commercial place, agricultural land, these are the places with hidden termites, ants, wasp nests, cockroach colonies. Pest control is vital for significance results. You can buy with peace of mind and live tension free. Any time, any pest control, we are with you.

  ⁂ When You Have Your Dream House: Call for inspection. You have paid for house and you may got mice, spider and ants for free. Before you move in, make you sure you are protected from pests. We are trusted by customers and we maintain your trust in us.

  ⁂Your Kitchen Feeds You Only? Or Your Hidden Guests Also: Weather, climat, human kitchen maintenance are some reasons to keep or deviate pests from your place. If your kitchen is the key source of keeping your not-paying permanent guests, you definitely need to contact Active Pest Control. It is safe and up to the international standards.

  ⁂Follow-Up Visit: Mice Control, rats, Wasp Removal, flies, Carpenter Ants Control, Termite Control, whatever we proceed for, we never leave you alone.   Active Pest Control has concern for the customers heath and peace of mind. We regulate our pest controlling by regular follow up visits. Our clients are happy, we are happy. Followup visits are planned and increase our customer's faith in us. We are the best pest control service in Surrey.